Guile Config

Alex Sassmannshausen

1 About me

  • My name: Alex Sassmannshausen
  • In my spare time I sometimes like to hack in Guile
  • In my work time I'm a Software Developer for PTFS Europe

About PTFS Europe

  • Company provides software:
    • primary FLOSS (Koha, RT, Guide on the Side, Piwik…)
    • hosted (and some self-hosted)
    • for public, academic and specialised libraries.
  • We work a lot with Koha ILS and its lovely community

2 Elevator pitch!

"You know that situation when you have brilliant idea for a small program that does one thing and does it well? You start working on it, and then you find some functionality that benefits from being user-modifiable using the command-line. So you add command-line parsing…

Problem solved!

Still pitchin'…

And then you find another bit that really should have a user-defined default value.

So you write:

  • config file reader (with support for input validation)


Still going…

And then people complain that no-one knew the configuration file existed, and that the format is opaque.

No problem:

  • create a config file writer
  • create configuration file if it does not exist
  • add comment syntax to your reader and writer
  • add commentary to your configuration file