An Edge of the Internet

Day One

by Alex — Mon 17 August 2015

First Post! Scary. Here's how this thing's gonna roll: I aim for a post a day. That post could be a tweet without the twitter, a rambling, rampaging rant, or a mind-numbing run-down of my day. It'll be whatever I'm in the mood for.

As I'm a bit of a geek, I guess I'll start by talking about my blogging engine! Yay!

I'm a great fan of the Guile programming language, and about a month ago, the indomitable D. Thompson released 'Haunt' a static page generator written in Guile — naturally I had no choice!

So… alpha software, an esoteric language, and a new blog. An explosive combination leading to… well, a pretty bare-bones site. My ambition (oh sweet, sweet ambitions) will be to do this little corner of the interwebs of mine up, as I go along. We'll see how that goes!

Having talked blog, let's talk code. For you, dear reader, a feature of this blog that I reckon might make a regular appearance: Things-Learned-Today-About-Coding-By-Blowing-Applications-Up:

  • Proper profiling libraries are good at profiling.
  • If you have a performance issue, they might be your way out.
  • The old debug print lines will only get you so far to locate overall performance bottle-necks.
  • So far is probably about half way to your postbox.
  • Not using profiling, will make you engage in the old "hypothesize, proof hypothesis (rather than attempting to disprove it), head down a rabbit-hole fixing the problem identified by hypothesis, which will not fix the problem because the hypothesis was wrong to begin with".
  • Profiling libraries are cool.
  • Not using profiling libraries will burn your eyes.
  • All it takes to join the golden ones is to use a good profiling library.
  • "Oh, I'm sure I can quickly improvise a performance test" will not work, and you'll end up dead in a ditch somewhere. True story.
  • There's a place in hell reserved for people who refuse to use proper profiling libraries, and I for one will no longer be one of them.

There. I fare thee well sweet internet.