An Edge of the Internet

Day 9

by Alex — Sat 29 August 2015

Quotes from Snowden's QA at the IETF:

But if we create a fabric – if we create a network through
protocols that provide means of access that can be guaranteed the
safest – internet that you get in France is just as good as the
internet that you connect to from China. That's a net win for human
By anonymising people, by allowing them to divorce themselves
from their physical identity whether a member of a minority group and
agreed to – religious group or something like that – they have a
political affiliation that could get them jailed or killed in that
country. If you allow them to divorce themselves through the
technology, you're providing human rights ahead of the law, that law
will eventually recognise and support.

Also saw Inside Out yesterday. Very impressive how a film with such relatively simple characters and style can have such a powerful emotional effect — and at the same time convey great wisdom about our relation to our emotions.

One can't have everything though: the gender representations were disappointingly vanilla, and of course there is no wider grounding of emotional trauma within social relations — interrelations such as those between poverty and emotional well-being are not even nodded at.