An Edge of the Internet

All watched over by machines of love and grace — Adam Curtis; thoughts

by Alex — Tue 18 August 2015

The decentralized self-organizing network is not hegemonic — it doesn't encompass all. Instead it interfaces with a myriad of different networks that mutate independently. Human agency in this is not simply a cog in the machine, but an architect, or creator shaping the network that they are involved in in an attempt make it better fulfil its stated aims.

Networks interface with each-other at API's because the maintainers of the relevant networks believe they are mutually beneficial for each-other.

Whilst "The Tyranny of Structurelessness" can lead to the domination of one individual over others in a group, networks and their providers should be relatively resistant to being dominated by individuals.

An obvious concern might be the creation of "alliances of networks"; malicious actors running networks that are able to assume a dominant position in the self-organizing network as a whole. The combined creative genius of the collective of participants will have to guard against that.